Fiction and Poetry :

In The Solum Journal Vol. 2 (October 2021)

Editor in Chief: Riley Bounds

Poem: "St. Jerome Listens to the Angels in the Desert"

Paintings and Drawings: "Studies after Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: St. Jerome in the Desert"

In The Carolina Quarterly (Spring/Summer 2021, Volume 70.3)

"A Trap to Catch the Earth"

In The Amethyst Review (2021)

Sarah Law, publisher

Saint’s Tales: Dialogues in Solitude:

'Untranslated' on March 29th,

'Amma Sarah Rebukes the Philosophers' on March 30th,

'Catherine Dismembered' on March 31st,

'Teresa's Vision' on April 12th

In Solum Literary Press/ Solum Literary Journal (2020)

Riley Bounds, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Five Poems:


Kings Attendant

White Cloth

The Amma Levitates

With the Master: Dante and Virgil in Hell, after Delacroix


Studia Humanitatis in Agone: A History of the Humanities

at the Residential College

from 1967-1979 (2015-2017).

or documents/Studia%20Humanitatis%20in%20Agone%20at%20the%20Residential%20College.pdf